Welcome to CNW Construction Group Inc.

With CNW Construction Group Inc you get years of experience and knowledge of the Marietta building industry. We are a network of professional house builders with a large team of subcontractors to bring you a quality end product. We strongly believe in ‘building green’ and also aim to use and as well recycle as many materials as possible on all our jobs. We select our subcontractors not only on their workmanship and track record, but green credentials.

Our aim is to deliver your project at the highest quality possible. Together with our skilled craftsmen we will fulfil your vision. We never forgot that the client is the boss and have flexible strategies throughout our programs to allow for changes.

Thank you visiting CNW Construction Group Inc. and can’t wait to work with you on your upcoming project.

Our Local Partners:

We work with many local subcontractors. Our trusted partners are essential in providing our high level of service.